Team Black disqualified from Moon Studio Mid-Autumn League

By Chelsea JackOctober 13, 2020
Moon Studio announced earlier today that Team Black has been disqualified from its Moon Studio Mid-Autumn League.
The suspicious activity reportedly came during a series between Team Black and iG.Vitality.
Team Black are a squad of Chinese players with roughly 100 games as a team under their belt over the last year — at least, some of the players have competed together that long. Prior to the disqualification, the team had been sitting at the bottom of their group during the League's group stage.
Moon Studio indicated that the team has been officially banned and is the first team they've banned.
Another team, Phoneix Gaming, pulled out of the tournament on October 11. They were in Team Black's group (China), leaving only eight Chinese teams to complete the event, with nine Southeast Asian teams in the other group.
The League still has six days remaining in the group stage. You can follow all the action on our event hub.
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