BTS Summit returns with 3 regional, online tournaments

By Matt DixonOctober 12, 2020
The Dota pro scene has been in a strange place for some time now. With Valve announcing that the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) will be postponed until 2021, many have become concerned about how long the pro circuit can sustain itself without DPC events. We’ve seen those concerns come to life already, as organizations such as CR4ZY (
Thankfully, Valve has started to follow through with their earlier promise to support tournament organizers in keeping the pro scene going until the DPC can return. Recently, Valve announced they would support Movistar in producing two South American tournaments this year with $45,000 USD in prizes available. This is desperately needed for the SA scene, as their teams have been competing in tournaments held on North American servers, where high ping is often a serious barrier.
The latest addition to Valve’s support of the pro scene is the newly announced BTS Summit 13: an online event that will be held over three regional divisions: EU/CIS, SEA, and NA/SA. The event boasts a healthy prize pool of $250,000 and is sure to attract the best teams of all the participating regions.
Valve continuing to support the competitive scene is a good sign for the future of pro Dota; the community has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the TI10 Battlepass. If there’s still going to be a pro scene by the time that event can happen, Valve needs to step in to let the scene flourish. This BTS Summit event is an important part of that; we get to see good Dota from all across the world and the EU and CIS teams get another chance to lose to Team Secret.
The Summit 13 will take place between October 21 and November 18 and, as always, you can keep up with the matches across every region using our event hubs.
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