win BTS Pro Series Season 3 EU/CIS

By Chelsea JackSeptember 30, 2020 pulled off the win in BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe and CIS. They take home $21,000 USD for finishing first-place. took a 3:0 victory over mudgolems to win the event. Mudgolems, a new stack in Europe, had been looking like the likely victors after winning the group stage and flying through the upper bracket., however, have been on the rise for a while, and it appears they put all the pieces together at just the right moment.
While the first game was solidly in's hands, it was the second match that gave them trouble. Mudgolems had a huge lead through the first 51 minutes of the game, but refused to give up. They took a fight at 51 minutes around the Roshan Pit that resulted in a die-back for Oliver "Skiter" Lepko on Wraith King that opened up an opportunity for to push down towers and take Roshan.
The third match was quite back and forth through the mid-game, but once started to get some momentum, they did not let up, winning in 39 minutes.
Both of these teams will compete in the upcoming ESL One Germany 2020 tournament, which begins on October 5. That event will provide an opportunity to play with the best teams in the region, giving fans a chance to see how the squads square off against the highest tier of competition.
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