BTS Pro Series 3: EU/CIS is down to just three teams

By Chelsea JackSeptember 29, 2020
It all comes down to this, a single day (September 30), two series, $38,500 US up for grabs. BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe and CIS has traveled through a round-robin group stage and the majority of a double-elimination playoff bracket to reach the final three Dota 2 teams.
The best teams that this tournament has to offer are:
These three teams were also the top three teams during the group stage. Are we headed for an unsurprising ending? it all that unsurprising that mudgolems, a team that sprang into existence for this event, is seated in the grand finals already, awaiting their opponent for first place?

Lower bracket final

Before we get to the grand final, let's take a look at the lower bracket final. Ninjas in Pyjamas and are meeting in a best-of-three that will land one of them in third place and the other a spot in the grand final taking place later in the day.
Ninjas in Pyjamas is on the rise at this event, given their recent results. They dropped out of the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division in 11-12th place, and then finished in fourth place in the Divine Division. By comparison, finished eighth in the Immortal Divison.
Though Ninjas in Pyjamas knocked down into the lower bracket, the series was very close. There were points in both matches when was in the lead. The battle between the two to head to the grand final will be close.

Final boss: mudgolems (Roshan demoted!)

This stack is much less impromptu than other stacks we've seen form over the last few months. They practiced for weeks ahead of this event, and have already lined up spot in ESL One Germany 2020, via qualifier.
Mudgolems had a dominant run in the ESL qualifier, earning their spot with three 2:0 series back-to-back. In BTS Pro Series 3, they've only dropped three matches, two in separate series to Khan and one to HellRaisers. They're looking very strong, but don't count out their competition!
You can watch both series via our BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe and CIS hub beginning at 8:00 AM ET / 2:00 PM CET on September 30.
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