Quincy Crew: champions of America

By Tom CockramSeptember 23, 2020
Quincy Crew have once again claimed an event title, this time at the BTS Pro Series 3: Americas. This win makes it their seventh title in a row. They had a near-flawless group stage. only dropping a single game to beastcoast and another to beastcoast, ending with a score of 7-2-0.
In the playoffs, Quincy Crew began by beating Team Brasil 2:0 in a comfortable fashion. They then went on to face Infamous, who they again 2:0’d to put themselves in the finals.
Quincy Crew then went on to face CR4ZY,a team they have often faced in the past. Unfortunately, nothing would stop QC as they claimed their title again but not without a crazy series. CR4ZY found themselves wailing on the enemy Ancient three times in the series but they only won one game.
The series started off well for CR4ZY as they won game one with a very farmed William "hFn" Medeiros Juggernaut who ended the game with 33k Net Worth nearly doubling Yawar "YawaR" Hassan’s Morphling.
Game two is where the madness started as CR4ZY found themselves hitting the exposed QC Ancient with only one buyback left on their team. As they started hitting the Ancient Yawar’s Terrorblade was just respawning, ready to defend. hFN used Chronosphere on top of the Ancient, but Jonathan Bryle "Bryle" Santos De Guia’s Windranger was already so close to the Ancient that he accidentally ran into it. Without the damage from the Windranger, they didn’t manage to finish it off, getting the Ancient to 511 hit points.
As if game two hadn’t given fans a heart attack, CR4ZY decided to do it again in, somehow, a more spectacular fashion. It took 86 minutes to settle this one and tier 5 items and Divine Rapiers were flowing around. In a cowboy showdown fashion, both teams had had enough, and Quincy Crew ran through the middle lane and CR4ZY came in through the sidelines. Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann started hitting Quincy Crew’s Ancient as the rest of the team joined him with Boots Of Travel. Quincy Crew returned the favor by hitting their base with a double Rapier-Terrorblade. A costly mistake for CR4ZY as they forget to use their Glyph Of Fortification to stop the push, and they ended up losing the game.
By the time the fourth game came around, it was clear the CR4ZY had given everything during the previous two games. The last game in the series took only 30 minutes, and CR4ZY managed just 7 kills.
CR4ZY had an insane run throughout the tournament. From a mediocre group stage, which saw them in sixth place and in the lower bracket, to grand finals, which could so easily have ended with their victory. In order to get here, CR4ZY beat 4 Zoomers 2:1, beastcoast 2:1, Thunder Predator, 2:0, and Infamous 2:0; it was a truly remarkable lower bracket run.
Quincy Crew claims all the glory in the end with another victory. But are cracks starting to show?
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