BTS Pro Series 3: Americas playoffs kick off

By Tom CockramSeptember 19, 2020
The BTS Pro Series 3: Americas playoffs start later today, September 19, and Quincy Crew is once again at the top of the teams. They didn’t lose a single best-of-two during the group stage and only drew two series, one to beastcoast and one to Team Brasil — both South American teams.
South American teams filled the spots from second down to fifth in the group. If you removed Quincy Crew from this tournament, SA Dota would be dominating the American region currently, making for an exciting playoff stage. If someone can knock QC off their perch, then we may be looking at an all SA affair, with the only other North American teams finding themselves against each other in the lower bracket.

Upper bracket

Quincy Crew will face Team Brasil in the first round of the upper bracket. Team Brasil is a team that they drew with during the group stage, one of only two teams to do that in the tournament. The South American squad includes Adriano de Paula "4dr" Machado and Danylo "Kingrd" Nascimento who were part of the SG e-sports team who beat Team Secret in the Kyiv Major in 2017 and then went on to lose to Evil Geniuses 1-2 in a thrilling series. This event really put SA Dota on the map, and people started to take them seriously. Quincy Crew will have to be careful around this team as an upset is definitely on the table.
Beastcoast has been on the cusp of greatness for a long time and now. Their first opponent in the upper bracket is Infamous, another great team who finished third in the group stage and split their group stage series with beastcoast 1-1. This series could really go either way as both teams have been playing some fantastic Dota recently. The winner of this will play either Team Brasil or Quincy Crew for a spot in the finals!

Lower bracket

The lower bracket matchups are Thunder Predator versus Infinity Esports and CR4ZY versus 4 Zoomers. Although Thunder Predator finds themselves in the lower bracket, they have also been playing really well. They recently finished second in ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas, losing out to Quincy Crew in the finals. Infinity Esports are yet to prove themselves, but knocking out Thunder Predator would definitely do it!
The other North American teams for this tournament both find themselves in the lower bracket: CR4ZY and 4 Zoomers. These are teams who have seen great success in times gone past but have struggled in this event. If they want to progress through the tournament, they have a sea of talented South American teams waiting to take them down.
The Americas region has often been seen as a one-team region, whether that’s Quincy Crew or Evil Geniuses or anyone else. But if you look below the first team, the scene is very competitive, with a lot of South American teams doing well. This is all while internal struggles within the SA portion of the region make it harder for the teams to play. High ping to certain servers depending on where they’re from and unstable internet connections plague the region. This is a really exciting playoff ahead, and we’ll have to see if someone can take Quincy Crew down.
The playoffs kick off on September 19 with Quincy Crew versus Team Brasil at 2:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM CET.
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