iceiceice and eyyou leave Fnatic

By Kenneth UtamaSeptember 16, 2020
Fnatic announced Daryl “iceiceice” Koh and Nico “eyyou” Barcelon have both been released from the team. Iceiceice chose not to renew his contract with the team, and eyyou had taken a temporary captain position and have mutually agreed to part ways.
The primary reason iceiceice has left the team is that he has not renewed his contract with Fnatic, as he wants to play for another region. The inability to travel due to Covid-19 also caused a rift between the team and iceiceice. The players were given breaks and tried to patch out the issues but it seems like this was the conclusion that was best for all parties. You can find more details on the post on their website. It was also announced that Fnatic will have Sangon “Forev” Lee in the offlane position and Kenny “Xepher” Deo in the 5 position for the remainder of the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia. You can find more details on the post on their website.
This news comes after Fnatic have been on a downhill trajectory. They went 0-6 in their first six matches in the BTS Pro Series 3: Southeast Asia. Even when iceiceice and eyyou were playing together, the team was losing to opponents that are considered worse than them such as New Esports. It will be interesting to see where iceiceice will go after Fnatic.
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