Fnatic struggles in early BTS Pro Series 3 group stage

By Kenneth UtamaSeptember 15, 2020
Fnatic have had struggles as of late, as they have been 0-6 in their first three series of BTS Pro Series 3: Southeast Asia. A typically strong team in the Southeast Asian region, they usually place between first and third in most major Southeast Asian tournaments. Some of their notable runs include ESL One Birmingham and ESL One Thailand, where they got first and second respectively. The Southeast Asian branch of BTS Pro Series seemed theirs for the taking.
What is most concerning about their recent fall is that they have been getting stomped by weaker, unknown teams in the tournament. New Esports and 496 Gaming both got strong and fast wins over Fnatic in their best-of-2 group matches. One was a 35-6 stomp in favor of New Esports and the other was a 25-minute loss against 496 Gaming where the score was 26-9.
Fnatic rounded out their first set of matches in the tournament by handily losing to TNC Predator. Both games were stomps for the opposing team.
Some of these losses might be attributed to the fact that in two of the three series, Fnatic did not have their normal offlaner Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang with them and used a stand-in. Considering that iceiceice is mostly likely the veteran presence on that team, it would make sense that their form has wavered these past few matches. However, even when iceiceice was on the team, they still lost 0:2 against New Esports, with none of the players having particularly good performances on their heroes. In addition, the team had just gone through several roster changes, with their carry player Nuengnara “23Savage” Teeramahanon leaving the team two months prior, and their Captain and drafter Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong leaving the team just over a week ago.
It will take time to see if this team will be back to form as one of the best Southeast Asian teams in the scene or if the roster changes will get the better of them. If you want to keep up with Fnatic’s performances, make sure to check out their next match against 032 Dota in BTS Pro Series 3: Southeast Asia on Thursday, September 16 at 2:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM CEST.
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