TrackDota's Guide to BTS Pro Series 3: Europe and CIS

By TrackDota TeamSeptember 10, 2020
Beyond the Summit's BTS Pro Series 3 tournament is going to extend beyond the Americas. Let's focus now on the Europe and CIS branch on September 12.
The tournament will run until September 30, featuring nine teams.

What's at stake?

There's a $50,000 USD prize pool on the line. $21,000 will go to the first-place team.


While BTS Pro Series 3 doesn't boast the best-of-the-best line-up that we recently saw at OMEGA League, the line-up of teams should make for some entertaining viewing.
This is a solid tier 2/3 line-up of teams competing for some decent cash. have been looking pretty solid lately, so keep your eyes on them. Mudgolems is a new stack of European players including some favorites we haven't seen active in months. We'll follow-up with an in-depth look at this squad as they're certainly the potential spoilers of the event.
B8 has not had the strong results that fans of Danil "Dendi" Ishutin would look to have seen. This event could be an opportunity for them to get some momentum going.
Also notable: 5men is back again, lasting longer than we certainly anticipated. They placed 9-10th during OMEGA League: Europe, but we expect them to do much better here.

Format & Schedule

This event opens with a round-robin group stage. Teams will play each other in two-game series from September 12-22.
The bottom team will be eliminated, with the other eight heading into a double-elimination playoff bracket. The top four teams will head to the upper bracket, while the fifth-eighth place teams will head to the lower bracket. The playoff will take place September 27-30. All games will be best-of-threes, with a best-of-five grand final.

How do I watch BTS Pro Series 3: Europe and CIS?

You can access our event coverage, including our live match stats, on September 12.
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