Fear takes break; business associates becomes "Zero"

By Matt DixonSeptember 8, 2020
North American veteran and The International 5 champion, Clinton "Fear" Loomis, has announced he will be taking a break from competitive Dota 2.
Fear will be awaiting the return of the Dota Pro Circuit in 2021 to make his comeback, but for now, his former teammates from business associates will be moving on without him. The announcement came as quite a surprise to fans – Fear’s old teammates were already playing their first series of Beyond The Summit’s Pro Series 3: Americas when he announced the break.
This is unlikely the last we’ll see of Fear. Even after retiring as a player in 2016, he quickly came back to professional Dota 2. Despite being one of the oldest players in the scene, Fear has always shown he is eager to keep up with younger players. Many people see Fear as an icon of NA Dota, and it looks like he will be sticking around to chase that second Aegis of Champions. When the DPC returns, we’ll see Fear come back to show us he still has it.
Image credit to Beyond the Summit and Todd Gutierrez
Image credit to Beyond the Summit and Todd Gutierrez
The remaining business associates have decided to take on a fresh look and rebrand as Zero comprised of Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao playing carry, offlaner Braxton “Brax” Paulson, and Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu as their soft support. To lead their new line-up, Theeban “1437” Siva will lead the team as their new captain and hard support player.
1437 hasn’t played on a pro team in over a year, but he’s no stranger to the pro scene. Between working as an analyst at high profile events such as the OMEGA League: Europe, Immortal Division and producing deeply insightful content on his youtube channel, it looks like 1437 is still at the top of his game.
Back in 2016, 1437 coached Team Secret to their Shanghai major victory. Not only is that a great achievement, but it shows 1437 knows how to keep Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao’s wild side in order… at least sometimes.
1437 at Starladder in 2017. Image credit to Starladder.
1437 at Starladder in 2017. Image credit to Starladder.
Last but not least, Zero are joined by Eric “Ryoya” Dong as their midlaner. As well as looking like one of the stronger mid players in the region, Ryoya has been standing in for Evil Geniuses for the past several months until they left to compete in the EU region. His experience from playing alongside EG is sure to bring a lot to the team.
The new roster is jumping straight into competing together. They’ve already taken a draw against CR4ZY. That’s not a bad start for a brand new team, especially as captain 1437 is playing from the Philippines with huge ping. While the new roster looks promising, we won’t have to wait to see how they compete with the North American and South American regions. You can see how they stack up over the coming two weeks in the BTS Pro Series 3 League.
What can we expect to see from Zero? Well, business associates were often among the top performers of the leagues they competed in, and they won OMEGALeague: America’s Ancient Division just days ago. The real question is if they can beat Quincy Crew. Like Team Secret in Europe, Quincy Crew have been dominating the Americas with six back to back victories. Maybe all it takes is a little roster shuffle for a good team to take down the best.
As usual, you can use our event page to keep track of the games, and we’ll keep you updated on how the event turns out. How do you think the new Zero will perform?
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