Team Secret wins OMEGA League: Europe, Immortal Division

By Tom CockramSeptember 7, 2020
Yet again Team Secret are dominant over the European region as they claim the OMEGA League: Europe, Immortal Division title after a 3-0 sweep versus OG.
During the entire tournament Team Secret lost two games but never a series. They beat Team Liquid 2-1 in the group stage and then in the upper bracket final OG 2-1. This is the most dominant streak we have ever seen a Dota 2 team on. In the last six months, they have an 82% win rate, playing 145 games and winning 117 of them. This is their seventh first-place finish in a row, adding to their count of 8 for 2020.
Team Secret came out top of their group after not losing a single series. They then went through the upper bracket beating Evil Geniuses in the first round and then OG twice, once in the upper bracket finals and again in the grand finals.
Fans might have been hopeful for a closer series as OG had played Team Secret in the upper bracket finals, managing to take a game. Initially, it looked like OG might have cracked the code during the first game. At 36 minutes, OG found themselves with an 8K net worth advantage but unfortunately shortly after that, a fight gone bad caused Team Secret to take the gold lead and then shortly after the game. Each game after this got farther and farther from OG’s grasp as the last game ended in 22 minutes with Team Secret getting 29 kills to OG’s 6.
Team Secret take home $200,000 U while OG scored themselves $125,000. Team Secret also holds onto the title of best in Europe, for now!
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