Arcana Comparison: Spectre versus Faceless Void

By Peter AndersSeptember 3, 2020
Now that Sniper and Witch Doctor have been eliminated, the Arcana vote in The International 10 Battle Pass is down to the last two heroes. Everyone in the Dota 2 community is highly opinionated about who deserves the Arcana more, but we at TrackDota are here to tell you why you should be voting for Spectre over Faceless Void this week.


Spectre, known as one of the strongest front-line carries in the late game, has been often viewed as a “pub stomp” hero, due to her glaring early game weaknesses that do not get properly punished by an uncoordinated team, and her inevitable ability to teamfight, kill supports, and stay alive in the late game. This has resulted in the hero being less favored by professional players. Despite this, players such as Chen "Hao" Zhihao and Anathan "Ana" Pham have proven themselves as some of the best, both on Spectre, and in Dota 2 as a whole.
During TI6, Hao reminded Team Secret, a team viewed as one of the best at the time and who many predicted would win the International, that Newbee was still the absolutely dominant team that they were in TI4. Hao’s Spectre gave Secret no room to breathe as they set up a smoke gank that leads to a game-winning teamfight.
In TI 8, Ana’s Game 1 Spectre in the grand finals against PSG.LGD proves unstoppable, as they turn a grim-looking game into a victory for OG, foreshadowing the rest of the historic series.
With Spectre, giving the hero an Arcana would be easy. The only Immortals she currently has are the Transversant Soul and the Soul Diffuser, taking up the armor and weapon slot respectively. An Arcana that uses Spectre’s head slot would be very feasible, and could affect the animation of Haunt, Dispersion, or both. The cosmetics Spectre has for her other slots are not very expensive, so there wouldn’t be any contention between a potential Arcana and already existing items.
On top of this, currently both Haunt and Reality (the skill that lets Spectre jump to a Haunt illusion) have very minimal animations. When casting Haunt, Spectre simply stands still, and when casting Reality, Spectre uses her attack animation. Both of these could be changed with an arcana into something visually appealing, making those teamfight winning Haunts that much more impressive.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void is known as one of the strongest team fighting carries, with Chronosphere being one of the most impactful spells in the game. A favorite among both pro players and amateurs alike, Faceless Void has seen the stage of million-dollar tournaments countless times.
Recently, one of the greatest plays on Faceless Void was made in game 2 of a BTS Pro Series 2: Americas game between Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew. It was made by Artour "Arteezy" Babaev. As Roshan is dropping low, Arteezy jumps in, uses Chronosphere to steal Aegis, Cheese, and Refresher Shard, then uses the Refresher Shard to quickly get a second Chronosphere, this time catching all of Quincy Crew and turning the tides of the game completely.
When bringing up Faceless Void in a professional setting, it's impossible to not mention Saahil "Universe" Arora, who holds the most games and wins on the hero in a professional tournament, with a 54-15 record. There are countless clips of Universe single-handedly turning lost games into wins with Chronosphere, but we picked out one of EG vs Vici Gaming, game two of their lower bracket final match at TI4. Even within the series, there are multiple game-turning Chronospheres. Universe will always be remembered as a pioneer of Dota 2, pushing the limits of what was understood at the time.
Faceless Void in terms of cosmetics, however, is a completely different story from Spectre. Faceless Void has immortals that affect the animations of his Time Walk, Time Dilation, and Chronosphere. The only ability that isn’t tied to an Immortal is Timelock, which already received an animation rework in 2018 when the skill was reworked. In addition, Faceless Void’s Perception of the Eternal Mind, >$100 USD item in the Rarities of the Benefactor treasure, uses Faceless Void’s head slot. Between this and his Immortals, the only remaining slot would be his belt, where an arcana wouldn’t look as impressive.

Who should take the Arcana?

When comparing the two heroes, Faceless Void would get a comparably smaller visual upgrade from an Arcana than Spectre. Faceless Void already has very impressive cosmetics, and an Arcana would only make the hero more cluttered. Spectre, on the other hand, has some very dated animations tied to her ult, and an Arcana would complement her current cosmetics perfectly.
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