Series of the Day: August 6, 2020

By Kenneth WilliamsAugust 6, 2020
The TrackDota pick for your August 2, 2020, Series of the Day is:

TNC Predator versus Cellular Game

TNC Predator and Cellular Game's best-of-three series will kick-off the lower bracket of Moon Studio Asian League. This event marks the first time we’ve seen international competition in the East since the start of the pandemic.
This match pits TNC Predator, the disgraced champions of Southeast Asia against the up-and-coming stack Cellular Game. Both teams advanced to the lower bracket of playoffs, with Cellular sporting a 6-4 record and TNC surviving the three-way tiebreaker of Group B.
TNC Predator’s hot streak late last year put them alongside Fnatic as SEA’s best team, but the switch to online hasn’t been kind. They came into this event off a bronze finish at ONE Esports SEA League and multiple recent 5ths. This event will be make-or-break for them; a poor finish would knock them out of SEA’s top tier in my mind. It doesn’t help that there are so many Tier 2 teams from both China and SEA nipping at their heels....
Speaking of whom, Cellular Game have made the most of their circumstances at Moon Studio Asian League. Look For Smile was originally supposed to occupy their slot, but roster changes led to the Chinese stack being called in to fill. They even put on a better group stage record than TNC, ending at 6-4 to Predator's 5-5.
There’s massive potential for an upset here. TNC has everything to lose and Cellular has everything to gain. This will also be an elimination match, so the team who wins will be one notch deeper into the $45,000 USD prize pool.
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