Top 5 Chinese Dota 2 Support Players

By Kenneth WilliamsJuly 29, 2020
When it comes to their support players, Chinese teams value coordination above all else. A support's job, positions 4 or 5, is to be at the right place at the right time, every time. Through all the defensive rotations, ganks, and team fights, both the soft and hard support have to do the most with the least. These five supports top the 7.27 ladder in the East's most competitive region.
The most experienced player on this list, PSG. LGD's soft support is incredibly prestigious. Fy is the play-maker support. His insane performances at multiple TIs prove that he's just as good in the clutch. Fun fact: when he was contracted to play for Vici Gaming in 2012, he had never played a game of Dota in his life. His first hero? Rubick.
All of his picks are focused on mid rotations, usually heroes that can both gank and counter-gank. Even with his signature spell-stealer out of the meta, fy can rotate with just about any hero. He's one of the few supports still running Snapfire with a 75% win rate this patch. He has the highest average GPM of the players on this list at 318. PSG.LGD knows that he can control the game's tempo, so his team gives him some space.
It's been just over ten months since Pyw joined Vici Gaming, but there's a certain eagerness from Pyw that makes you think he's still trying out. While not the most patient player, few position 4 players can start off a teamfight like Pyw. His signature picks have defined the support metagame for 7.27.
"Image from Pyw's Weibo account.
"Image from Pyw's Weibo account.
Both Earthshaker and Phoenix were his picks from the start of the patch, and they've become the go-tos for most soft supports. He has a combined 24 games on the heroes. He's probably helped popularize them with his combined 75% win rate. He's one of the greedier players on this list, but when he's getting his Blink Daggers at 13 minutes, it's tough for Vici to complain.
The secret TI winner, western fans might not realize that y' and his teammate Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida are the same players who won The International 2016. The former Wings Gaming stars have reformed on EHOME with some younger talent, and y' is doing his best to get their careers started off right.
Keeping with Wings' image, y' is doing his own thing entirely in this patch. He's dead-set on Treant Protector and Clockwerk, two heroes that are almost unpicked by the rest of this list. It's working out very well for him; he has a 66.7% flat win rate on both of them. He's less focused on rotations than the others, often looking to enable his offlaner instead. His thoughtful play brought his team all the way to the grand finals of DPL-CDA Pro League Season 2.
As the captain of Team Aster, BoBoKa is helping elevate the next generation of CN Dota. Known for his years on Invictus Gaming,, his playstyle has matured along with his career. His go-to heroes are classic tournament picks, but he also boasts an impressively wide hero pool focused on defense. He's one of the 5s on this list entirely dedicated to kickstarting his carry.
He's been forcing Io for better or worse, even experimenting with a "slow core" item build. Disruptor and Enchantress are his alternate picks, meant to counter evasive midlaners and high-armor carries respectively. Ench is slowly being christened the region's anti-Terrorblade tech, showing BoBoKa can still advance the meta five years into his career.
With his surprise transfer to Sparking Arrowing Gaming, September is a curious case among support players. This marks the fifth time he's been bounced around from SAG and Royal Never Give Up in just two short years. Adding to his value is his highly specific hero pool. While many judge themselves by the number of heroes they can play, September prefers to practice one kick 10,000 times.
Image credit to StarLadder.
Image credit to StarLadder.
He's only played four heroes since joining the team. His one Tidehunter game looks like a product of draft panic, and his single Shadow Demon game looks like a deny pick. When he's on Phoenix or Snapfire, he's one of the smoothest and in-control supports in Dota. His career has seen him rein in plenty of egos. September now looks like he's completely mastered his own.
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