First eliminations at OGA Dota PIT: Europe & CIS

By Peter AndersJuly 28, 2020
With the first two days of OGA Dota PIT Europe & CIS now complete, the overall metagame of the tournament is becoming apparent. 18 matches have been played, two teams have been eliminated, and the tournament will only get more exciting from here on out.


Looking first at the lower bracket, both and Ninjas in Pyjamas have been eliminated. had an incredibly unfortunate stroke of luck, as mid player Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan suffered a power outage at the start of game three between them and FlyToMoon. were forced to play 4v5 in a series-deciding match while facing elimination.
After eight minutes, decided to GG out, forfeiting the series and their place in OGA Dota PIT. Both teams were respectful about the situation, with FlyToMoon saying sorry for the unfortunate circumstances, and wishing FlyToMoon good luck in the rest of the tournament. With premium tournaments all being held online, it brings into question whether there are any changes that could be made to avoid these situations. We will see what changes as more organizers and hosts run online tournaments.
NiP also had a strong performance but ended up eliminated as well. With their captain Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev recently let go, NiP entered this tournament with Andreas Franck "Cr1t-" Nielsen as their stand-in.
In their first series against Alliance, NiP struggled to get their footing with this new roster. NiP ended up being sent to the lower bracket to face VP.Prodigy, a team they have struggled against several times in the past.
NiP brought the series to a game 3. However, they struggled to find an answer early game to VP.P’s team comp. VP.P drafted Tidehunter-Treant, along with early-game fighting heroes. NiP’s team composition allowed for them to play in a similar style to a deathball lineup due to the strength of Living Armor. Albert “eine” Garayev maxed Living Armor early on, making it impossible for NiP to trade towers with VP.P. This meant that when VP.P pressured NiP’s mid tower at the 14-minute mark, NiP was given only two options: lose their mid tower early on or fight into NiP’s early teamfight comp. A Ravage on all three of NiP’s cores secured VP several key kills, the mid tower, and a lead they would leverage into winning the match, and therefore the series.

Upper Bracket

In the upper bracket, Alliance and Nigma have both shown dominant performances, not dropping a game. The two teams seem to have slightly different outlooks on the shape of meta and strongest heroes. Alliance highly prioritizes Treant Protector and Doom, contesting these heroes almost every game. The rest of their draft prioritizes early lane winners, strong catch, and a variety of disables. This allows Alliance to play a tempo-based game, where a slight advantage can turn into an unstoppable lead very quickly.
Nigma, on the other hand, is picking heroes with strong pick-off potential and good teamfight. While their lanes are not as oppressive as Alliance’s, the team compositions they are drafting scale into the late game much better, and are better suited to win fights where both teams are on equal footing, whether this be through items, levels, or positioning.
Tomorrow’s series between these two teams will certainly be the match to watch for OGA Dota PIT: Europe & CIS. Tune in at approximately 11:00 AM ET/5:00 PM CEST to catch the games.
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