EHOME wins it all at DPL-CDA Season 2

By Kenneth WilliamsJuly 26, 2020
Lasting just over a month, DPL-CDA Season 2 has finally ended. This tournament has spanned across two patches and featured the best teams in the region battling it out for more than $185,000 USD. The dust has finally cleared, with EHOME declared the victor despite coming out of groups second-to-last. Here are big stories from China’s most comprehensive tournament.

EHOME takes the lion’s share

In a four-game grand final, EHOME has defeated Invictus Gaming to take home more than $85,000 USD. This marks their first big tournament win of the year. The team, commanded by TI-winner Zhang “y’” Yiping, switched between a multitude of strategies in their run, including in-vogue four-protect-ones and lots of teamfight.
Invictus Gaming, the runner-up, can solidly claim to be the scariest team to play at DPL-CDA Seaosn 2. While EHOME was cruising in the lower bracket, iG was effectively emptying out their recycle bin. CDEC and LGD were the favorites for this event, but EHOME knocked them both into loser's where Invictus sent them packing. Congratulations to both of these teams.

Vici and RNG both fall short

Vici Gaming had high hopes going into this event. They’ve had their eyes on PSG.LGD for a long time now, and this was a chance to assert themselves as the region’s dominant team. However, they fell off at 6th against the very team they were trying to beat. Their 2:0 loss against LGD lasted a combined 53 minutes.
They’re not the only team with a disappointing result at DPL-CDA Season 2. Royal Never Give Up are a solid part of the competitive ecosystem, but they’re just a hair’s breadth away from being truly top tier. Their sixth-place finish doesn’t invalidate the claim, but it sure doesn’t help. Their early loss against bracket demon CDEC Gaming showed they still have more to learn. They’re now 0:4 against CDEC on Patch 7.27.
Both teams are still solid threats, but poor results at this stage of the metagame can be worrying. The meta is still developing in China and not all teams are trailblazers. Both squads are more by-the-book than Sparking Arrow or EHOME, so both are still looking for their first tournament win of the patch.

Team Aster is looking up

While EHOME’s victory was definitely the breakout of this event, Team Aster finally got their big break at DPL-CDA Season 2. They started off the event with a solid group-stage performance, earning a seed above Sparking Arrow Gaming and Royal Never Give Up. Their upsets in the bracket included Sparking Arrow and tournament-favorite Vici.
Their bronze finish came with fantastic performances from both soft support Pan “Fade” Yi and safelaner Song “Sccc” Chun. Fade worked the laning phase with finesse while Sccc’s clutch performances on Spectre and Terrorblade brought it home in the end.
Co-owned and coached by legendary carry player Xu "BurNIng" Zhilei, this is Aster’s biggest pull yet at $14,251 USD. They’ve long been a staple of the Tier 2 CN scene, but this could be the start of a promotion. Keep your eye in this squad for the rest of 2020.
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