Series of the Day: July 24, 2020

By TrackDota TeamJuly 24, 2020
The TrackDota pick for your July 24, 2020, Series of the Day is:

Quincy Crew versus 4 Zoomers

Okay, yes, Quincy Crew has featured quite a bit in our Series of the Day selections lately. But it's hard to deny this team is worth the watch. They're facing off against 4 Zoomers in a group stage match in the Great American Rivalry Season 1 today.
Quincy Crew got started late in the group stage of Great American Rivalry. Their first match was on the seventh day of the thirteen-day group stage. Their record right now is two win and three draws. Meanwhile, 4 Zoomers have completed six series, giving them a three-win, two-draw, one-loss record. 4 Zoomers would love to snag this win because it could secure a playoff spot for the squad.
Quincy Crew has been cramming in its series, with two on each of the last two days, two today, and two more tomorrow. Maybe there's a fatigue situation setting in? They have drawn with some unlikely teams, including Infinity E-sports and Midas Club.
In the head-to-head, Quincy Crew has bested 4 Zoomers more frequently of late. But 4 Zoomers are looking strong and should be motivated by the possibility of not only securing their playoff spot but an upper bracket one.
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