Quincy Crew takes the title at OGA Dota PIT

By Tom CockramJuly 22, 2020
Quincy Crew went through the entire lower bracket to claim the OGA Dota PIT Season 2: Americas.
Things did not start well for Quincy Crew in OGA Dota PIT, as they lost their first best-of-3 versus beastcoast, 2:0. This sent them to the lower bracket. From here they went on to beat Midas Club 2:0, 4 Zoomers 2:0, Cr4zy 2:1, business associates 2:0 and then Thunder Predator, in the final, 3:1.
Quincy Crew have recently been dominating in NA with the new online scene helping the squad out massively. This is now their third first-place finish this season.
Quincy Crew stuck to their traditional picks putting Yawar "YawaR" Hassan on the hard carry roles. He played Morphling, Sven, and Medusa twice in the final. Over the four games, he netted just six deaths. In his final game, YawaR ended 7/0/16 (K/D/A)!
Thunder Predator made a great run through the upper bracket beating Midas Club 2:0, beastcoast and business associates 2:1. The South American team is looking strong and hopefully, we can see more out of this exciting team in the future.
Thunder Predator dominated the one game they won, ending it in 25 minutes with a kill score of 19 to Quincy Crew's 5. Some strong laners such as Ember Spirit and Beastmaster meant that they could snowball the advantage. This was the only game they won during the best-of-5 as Quincy Crew won 3-1.
Quincy Crew net themselves $10,422 USD for their first-place victory. You can see them in action next in the Great American Rivalry Season 1 as they take on Infinity Esports in the group stage.
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