OGA Dota PIT: Quincy Crew are making lower bracket run

By Tom CockramJuly 20, 2020
Season 2 of the OGA Dota PIT: Americas is well underway, with all but three teams eliminated.
The event started with some upsets in the Quarterfinals as we saw both Quincy Crew and Cr4zy knocked down to the lower bracket after both lost 0:2. Infamous Gamingtried to take their series business associates managing to take one game off BA, but ultimately falling to secure the series as they lost 1:2.

4 Zoomers

4 Zoomers got themselves off to a great start as they beat CR4ZY 2:0 in their first series. Their next opponents, business associates, proved to be too strong, and 4 Zoomers lost, 2:1. The match they won saw three rapiers on Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao’s Clinkz. He eventually died, and the rapiers got shared amongst 4 Zoomers.
In the lower bracket, 4 Zoomers faced off against Quincy Crew, who have recently been successful. Losing in two games saw 4 Zoomers out of the tournament. 4 Zoomers had a rough bracket having to play against Cr4zy, business associates, and then Quincy Crew. Theeban "1437" Siva took a moment to praise the team.

Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew are making a lower bracket run after a disappointing first series versus beastcoastsaw them drop to the lower bracket.
In the lower bracket, Quincy Crew first fended off South American team Midas Club with a 2:0 victory. Next in line was 4 Zoomers who had just beaten Cr4zy and taken a game off business associates. However, Quincy Crew had regained their mojo and looked back to their former selves thanks to some great individual performances. Yawar "YawaR" Hassan and Quinn "Quinn" Callahan only died three times each over the course of two games!
Quincy Crew also took down Cr4zy in a 2:1 series. They now face business associates in the lower bracket final. A place in the grand final at stake, with Thunder Predator ready and waiting. Could they make the miracle run all the way through the lower bracket?
Who do you think will win the tournament? https://www.trackdota.com/series/2700/0
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